Monday, November 16, 2015

Arkansas Declaws LSU 31-14

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Arkansas did something this past Saturday that many teams do not. They went into Death Valley at night and dominated LSU. The Hogs were hitting on all cylinders from the moment the clock started until it hit all zeros in the fourth quarter. One of the biggest stats lines of the night is 299-59. Those are the total rushing yards from the night. With LSU having a candidate for the Heisman trophy, it would be easy to make the assumption that the bigger number belongs to the Tigers. Arkansas's defense buckled down and forced LSU to try to beat the Hogs though the air. Fournette did have 91 yards averaging 4.8 yards per carry. However it was a negative 44 by LSU QB Brandon Harris that knocked the Tigers down to a total or 59 rushing yards on the night. Arkansas ran strong behind Alex Collins who finished up with 141 yards and an average or 8.8 per carry. The Hogs secondary bent but did not break allowing Harris to have 271 passing yards, 109 of those went to Malachi Dupre. Arkansas has now won 4 straight games and gone on the road the last 2. The Hogs are currently tied for second place in the West division of the SEC with a 4-2 conference record. Arkansas also clinched a bowl game at the end of the season getting their 6th win to improve to 6-4 overall. Up next for the Hog are the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Razorback Stadium. The Bulldogs are coming off a drumming from Alabama this weekend.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Never Yield Down the Stretch

 After a rough start Arkansas is back above .500 at 5-4 on the season. With three games left for the regular season, Arkansas will likely finish the regular season above .500 and bowl eligible.

 The first of the three games takes the Hogs to Baton Rouge to battle LSU in Death Valley. LSU is coming off a game where they got slapped around by Alabama. LSU is not known for losing back to back games. Arkansas has gone on the road and won SEC games this year( Tennessee and Ole Miss) and records seem to go out the window with the Hogs and Tigers meet. This game is hard to pick because Arkansas is rolling along with confidence and LSU knows that its playoff hopes are on life support. If Arkansas can shut down Fournette and not let Brandon Harris look like a world beater then they have a shot to get a third SEC road win.

 The second game in the final stretch brings the Hogs back home to Razorback stadium to face the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They are 7-2. They will not be a guarantee win for the Hogs. Arkansas does have a slight advantage being at home.

 The final regular season game has the Hogs hosting Mizzou for senior day. Mizzou is not very good. They are coming off back to back seasons of winning the east. This will be the game that Arkansas can almost count on for the bowl eligible win if they drop the other two. Mizzou got the Hogs last year so they should be looking for retribution especially if a bowl game or better bowl game is on the line.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Who you got?

Super Bowl XLIX is almost upon us. The defending champion Seattle Seahawks have made it back to back Super Bowls which is something that no one has done since their opponent New England Patriots did it back in 2003-2004. This years game is set to be better that last years debacle. Seattle has had a tough road to get back with an almost miraculous comeback against Green Bay to advance. Seattle almost feels like the team of destiny. New England is coming off a shellacking of Indy. Controversy as well with Deflate-Gate. New England is playing well and Seattle is struggling some. Both teams have a had a few weeks to rest and get focused. The big questions are: Is Seattle's secondary healthy?, and Can New England put away the distractions? New England has been playing good football for a while now so I will predict:

New England Patriots - 28
Seattle Seahawks- 20

Tom Brady -Super Bowl MVP 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Razorback Nation: Patience is a Virtue

Listening to Sports Talk radio in Arkansas right now is very tough. A lot of fans like to listen for the inputs from the hosts and former players that are on the radio. Some fans even call in to interact with the hosts and ask questions or answer questions.With every loss the negativity grows worse and worse. Its ok to be upset at losing. Some folks though are taking things way too far by calling for the coaches head after just 9 games. Most coaches don't walk into a new program and win right away. It didn't matter what coach walked into Arkansas, they would not have won that many games this year with this team as it has been assembled. Coach Bielema has been partially handicapped due to two straight up in the air recruiting classes. When Jeff Long was forced yes forced to fire Bobby Petrino and then brought back John L Smith on a 10 month contract there was uncertainty on the hill. Recruits that weren't sold on being a Hog no matter what didn't want to have anything with Arkansas because they had no idea who would be coach or what system they would run. Then during the season the team quit and the bottom fell out. John L Smith was fired as expected and finally in mid December of last year Bielema was named Head Coach. His staff only had about a month to put together some time of recruiting class to run the style they want to run at Arkansas. He did a pretty good job of gathering a few good players. Alex Collins, Dan Skipper, and Denver Kirkland were some highlights so far of the class and were last minute pick ups. With a full season of recruiting there is no doubt that the Hogs will get the players they need to be successful in the near future. Fans need to forget what has happened and focus on where this team is going. Petrino hurt the Hogs pretty bad on defense. John L Smith hurt the Hogs in general. Bielema will get this team to where its competitive and hunting for championships. It may not be next year but very soon. Fans need to also forget about Gus. No matter how you feel about him he would not be doing any better at Arkansas. He is doing well at Auburn right now because he recruited most of those players and was only gone from the program for one year. Fans will have to do something that is pretty much non existent in society these days. That is to be patient. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those that wait.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maniac's SEC Picks:Week 4

Week 4 of the College Football Season
Last week I went 7-1  So far this season I am 18-2 since week 2. 
My picks are in bold.










Kentucy, Ole Miss, and South Carolina are all off this week. 

Maniac's NFL Picks:Week 3

My picks went 10-6 in week 2. So far I am 20-11. 

Week 3 Picks. My pick is in Bold

Chiefs @ Eagles

Texans @ Ravens

Giants @ Panthers

Lions @ Redskins

Chargers @ Titans

Cardinals @ Saints

Buccaneers @ Patriots

Packers @ Bengals

Rams @ Cowboys

Browns @ Vikings

Falcons @ Dolphins

Bills @ Jets

Colts @ 49ers

Jaguars @ Seahawks

Bears @ Steelers

Raiders @ Broncos 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maniac's NFL Picks: Week 2

I didn't make picks until after the Thursday night game. Outside of that game I went 10-5 View Week 1 Picks

Week 2 Picks. My pick is in Bold